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K Curtin Consulting Inc. | Fresno, CA

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Are You an Ambitious Owner Committed to Growing Your Company?

We strive by empowering business owners, leaders, managers, sales and customer service professionals to reach their highest growth potential. 


Kaysi Curtin has been recognized as 2021 Franchise Rock Star by Franchise Business Review - Click HERE to view article 



Also known as S-MAP: A 12-Week Program on Basic Elements to give the leaders in your company a road MAP to Management Success. Learn the Skills to Manage, Develop, and Retain your most valuable resource … Your Employees. We run a series of S-MAP cohorts each year. Each S-MAP cohort will max out and is limited to a maximum of 16 participants.

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This is a highly interactive, fun-filled, workshop created to build confidence and get you out of your comfort zone and into your growth zone. By full completion of this workshop, participants will be given the skillset to enhance their overall communication with both internal and external customers while strengthening their soft skills. They will learn to improve their attitude, while building their self-concept and emotional intelligence. Participants will leave this program with the tools to develop into better employees and become more aware of themselves and others.  

Click HERE For rates, availability, and to see what past participants are saying about attending this very same workshop.

Why choose Sandler Training by Kaysi Curtin? Because the success of our training has been repeatedly proven time and again. See what our clients have to say.

I attended one of Kaysi's two-hour sales intro seminars and being "New" to sales, the Sandler training was much different than I had been taught. I was intrigued by the Sandler Sales Process and could see parallels in using the conversation methodology in my every day life too.

Since joining Kaysi and Sandler my conversation's both professionally and personally have changed for the better. I am a far more effective communicator and, more importantly a listener. As a result, my business has increased over 30%.

Kaysi has been a fantastic mentor as I can take my challenges to her and she will simplify them. I was having no success converting Yelp and Google type leads. I asked Kaysi for her thoughts and she took my message, tweaked it and I went from a, maybe 10% conversion rate to a 70%+ conversion. Truest example of it's not what you say, it's how you say it. Thank you Kaysi! 

Edward French, Owner | BF Bookkeeping


My business is currently working with Kaysi at Sandler Training in both Direct Sales Training and Management Training. The results have proven and continue to prove very beneficial. Kaysi is a remarkable leader, mentor, and is always available to help guide you when needed. Kaysi always follows through, stays in touch, and consistently expands her knowledge of your business industry to provide the best service possible. I highly recommend Kaysi at Sandler if you are looking to implement a Sales and Management system for the growth of your business. Julianne Scelzi, Owner | Red Rose Transportation


Kaysi is a true professional sales trainer/coach. If you're in sales or going to be, you seriously need to be in her program. Kaysi knows the content that will move you forward in your sales career. She has a no quit attitude towards you and your success as a sales professional. Michael Haning, Owner | Haning Agency 


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